Office Supplies

Office supplies like, sticky notes, pens, folders, binders, labels, envelopes, storage solutions and more—are all essential to your work. KSP Establishments, Inc. offers office supplies, such as rubber bands, paper clips, paper, tape, pens, pencils, and staplers. We offer a great way to save money without compromising quality. Shop business supplies and other office products at KSP Establishments, Inc. for the best deals, customer service and quality.

Pens, pencils, markers & more

Keep good ideas flowing with a well–stocked supply of ballpoint pens and roller balls to provide employees with their preferred tool for jotting things down. We stock plenty of ballpoint pens—one of the most widely used and affordable types. For more luxurious writing preferences, we stock a limited supply of gel pens, roller balls or executive pens. A good rule of thumb, is to order a mix of black, blue and red pens to meet each business units unique needs.

Sticky Note Pads, Rubber bands, Paper Clips, Staples, Binder Clips

Everyday supplies, like Sticky Note Pads, Rubber bands, Paper Clips, Staples, and Binder Clips are easy to take for granted—but as soon as they run out, you’ll be the first to know. We are here to help you stay on top of basic office supply levels, ensuring you and your company always have the supplies you need.